Good Company

Good Company

Good Company (@goodcompanyzine) is a weekly podcast about the intersection of creativity and business. Good Company provides motivation, inspiration, practical advice, and a vital sense of connection and community for creatives at every stage of life. Each episode of Good Company will focus on honest, open conversations about the ups and downs of creative life. (Theme song by Lame Drivers

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    Kathleen Hanna on Transforming Spaces with Music and Design

    Musician, Artist and Activist Kathleen Hanna talks about the similarities between music and interior design (two of her loves), the importance of listening as much as speaking up, and how she's learned to give herself boundaries, time and space for creative work.

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    Designer Tuesday Bassen on Staying True to Your Voice and Values

    Illustrator and owner of the eponymous size-inclusion fashion brand, Tuesday Bassen, talks about learning to become her own boss and being an effective leader. She talks about growing up in Nebraska in a family of entrepreneurs, the ups and downs of social media, and learning to speak up for what she believes in.

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    Orlando Soria on Imposter Syndrome and Staying Afloat as a Creative

    Designer Orlando Soria discusses his path to design, how a community of creative friends in the entertainment industry helps keep him supported and how he manages to keep an honest and transparent voice online despite the pressure to be "perfect".

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